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Catac IO

Cat intruders are everywhere, you must kill them with your knives. Improve your knives and get rid of all intruders.

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Shoot your way through 12 rotation maps to earn rewards. Master the highly skill-based movement system unique to Krunker. If dropping Nukes and Quick-scoping people in pubs isn't your thing, Krunker also offers thousands of custom games to choose from.

Tower Crush

Tower Crush is an epic game where you build 1 tower, up to 6 floors, load them with weapons, upgrade, evolve and defeat your opponents in fantastic battles. A combination of action and strategy!

Mr Bullet Online

Mr Bullet Online is a very fun game where you must aim and shoot several of your enemies, wisely use your ammunition, calculate the rebound of the bullets to eliminate all the enemies with the least amount of shots!

Super Kick the Buddy

In this game we will have to torture Buddy a doll with which we can do many things like shooting him with weapons, grenades and more only so that later the doll comes back to life without any scratch, you can buy everything you just have to earn coins hurting the Buddy doll until your life is over in this game that can serve to de-stress you from a bad day.

Relic Runway

Journey to an ancient jungle and steal the sacred treasure! Once you take the treasure you must run for your life as a stone monster chases you through the jungle. Survive as long as you can as you jump, slide, climb and dash your way through dangerous obstacles. If you love adventure games such as Temple Run or Temple Run 2, you'll love playing Relic Runway!


Play the classic board game Battleship free online! With enhanced artwork and special weapons, you can enjoy playing the classic game you loved in a new unique way.

Winter Clash 3D

You are on Santa's side against the evil elves. This is a fun first-person shooter game that brings action and mayhem to the North Pole. Good luck!

Merge Kill

Merge Kill is a fun, multiplayer battle game where you destroy enemies and collect gold coins as you grow.

Among Us Online

An Imposter was found Among Us. You were able to fled from the space station using the last remaining space shuttle. Maintain the space shuttle for as long as possible by constantly repairing the Engines, Electricals ,Gravity and Oxygen systems .